Reopening Information

Both the United Faculty of Florida and St Johns River State are working on determining the best approach to reopening the college for the fall. Below you can find the latest information on their efforts.

Link to Signed Covid MOU.

MOU Ratification

Below is the Ratification Certificate for the MOU reached by UFF and SJRSTATE

PDF of Impasse letter sent to PERC.

Distance Learning

UFF and SJRState have agreed to a finalized Distance Learning MOU. Signature document below.

PDF of Impasse letter sent to PERC.

Pandemic MOU

UFF and SJRState have finalized an MOU dealing with Pandemic procedures. Signature document below.


All items below are maintained for reference.

Spring 2021 MOU

On November 20th, UFF-SJRState received an MOU discussing returning for the Spring 2021 semester. Link to the MOU is below

Distance Learning MOU Agreement

Complete text of final, signed Distance Learning MOU.

Covid MOU Agreement

Complete text of final, signed MOU dealing with the Covid pandemic.

MOU Agreement

SJRSTATE's Board of Trustees has responded to UFF's MOU request dealing with reopening in the fall.

SJRSTATE Reopening

SJRSTATE has provided details on how their departments will go about reopening for the fall.

UFF-FEA Recommendation

Below is a link to the reopening recommendations developed by the UFF and FEA Re-opening committe .


SJRSTATE's College Reopening Committee held a meeting on 6-4. Below is information packet from the meeting.